Dress Up for the Animals, and for Yourself

Evolved Vegan Jacket

Evolved Vegan Jacket

Dressing up, with the animals in mind, is one of the inspirations behind Peace Panther vegan clothing. Being a purebred Persian girl… meowwww… means being influenced by many ancient traditions. In ancient as well as modern Persia, most believe that when one meets a friend, they should wear something nice and clean, to show their respect and admiration for that important person. I love the idea of wearing something nice everyday, because of the animals we speak on behalf of, and because we love and appreciate ourselves.

Let’s get out there, looking our best, and never stop speaking up for the animals. Animal Liberation is closer than most think. Dress up mentally and physically and do your best each day. You are here for a reason. Fulfill your purpose in style baby. I KNOW you can do it! We can all do it!

Love & Peace